Dawn Grayson Goes Pop!


Dawn Grayson as Gail Nelson from the US publication Heels & Hose Vol.3 No.3 (1961) posing in a very different pair of stockings or hose as they call them in the US.  A fantastic magazine appearance from Dawn and one probably taken when she moved over to the US with her husband and continued her modelling career over there. The title ‘She Play a Game of Pop’ refers to the style of stocking, which a very good, but the rest of the view is equally as appealing and love the dimples on Dawn’s bum in the last shot. I think pages 2, 5 and 6 are my favourites.

Thanks must go to Adam from Oldtimeerotica for scanning and allowing me to share these pages of Dawn here 🙂

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  1. Oh dear. Not the best set of photos, are they ? Sadly they look like a model way past her best
    They appear to be of a model in her 40’s who should have retired gracefully a few years previous to this set being taken.
    Anybody agree with me ?

    • Dawn was actually in her 20’s if her date of birth is to be believed, so hardly retirement material! It’s Dawn Grayson so you won’t get me agreeing with you!

  2. Buttybox,
    Afraid I agree with you. A particular favourite of mine, but not the most flattering set.


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