Monique The Casbar Queen! (1967)

A still from the 1967 glamour film ‘Casbar’ (Film No: E.15 ) by Harrison Marks featuring an unnatural looking Monique Devereux! Not only is she stood on tiptoes, but she also seems to be sucking everything in for some reason! Its a great still from the film, but she just looks odd posing like that, or is it just me being over critical of the shot? I know her stomach was flat naturally, but this is over exaggerating it a bit.

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  1. she always had to help herself along a bit, often sucking in her stomach, but here she’s giving her chest a bit of helpful uplift as well! She’s a cracker! Good on her!
    Blokes with guns seem unimpressed . . .

  2. Good that blokes with guns got something else to think about!

  3. What a lovely photo. Seems to have been a common thing, sucking in the stomach to enhance the curves, no complaints from me. Much prefer this to the super skinny models of a few years later. Keep up the good work.

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