Eve Eden – A Fruity View! (Original)

Eve Eden (Rosa Domaille) from a restored 35mm Pamar colour slide by Harrison Marks. Taken in his flat, a great nude shot of Eve playing with her oranges and thanks to Kevin for sending over this shot.

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  1. I do wish you wouldn’t do this!!

    There I was happy that my favourite was June Palmer, then you go and post one of Eve Eden (Rosa Domaille)now I have to reassess my conclusions.

    Both have fabulous bodies, little to choose between them. Eve I believe has better legs (never June’s best feature) does this matter? well as a confirmed life-long “leg man” yes it does.

    Eve often has a look of repressed sexual intent, that given half a chance she would jump on the photographer. June the perfect muse always for her art first and foremost, which in her H Marks years was curiously non-sexual, beautiful, but never implied sex.

    Eve of course quite often crossed the line into semi-porn, maybe all the way…who know’s. June? no, not as far as I know.

    So where does that leave me? I like to look at photographs of both, my heart says June, my eyes say Eve.

    So maybe its a dead heat, but for different very fine reasons.

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