Calling All June Palmer Fans! (Original)

The fabulous June Palmer by Harrison Marks posing in the bed in one of the bedrooms at Ewhurst Manor. June has posed in this bed with the distinctive headboard before as have many other models including Dawn Grayson, some of which you can see here. A great action pose of a topless June answering the phone and I’d love to be on the other end of that phone or even better in that bed with her!

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  1. I’m shocked!! that you could even suggest such a thing…

  2. What’s perverted about being in bed with June Palmer? or thinking about it anyway…

  3. What an exquisite shot – June looks stunning

  4. Joking aside, agree with oligarch, a terrific shot of June. Shame about the lighting reflection on the headboard. Just in case anybody else noticed.

    Apt to forget June was quite tiny (in height) at 5’2″. GHM in many of his photographs managed by careful posing (often from a low level camera angles) to make JP look much taller than she actually was.

    • Yes she does look stunning in nearly all the shots that GHM took of her and I agree he was very clever in his shots with her. I think we tend to overlook just how good GHM was with a camera, as we tend to focus more on the subject rather than the composition especially in his early work which I would definitely class as studies of the nude form rather than just nude photography.

  5. Absolutely. Mind he did work with some very fine equipment too. Not for GHM Instamatic and box brownies (remember those?) Hassleblads and Linhof cameras were used (fairly rare in those days) If you cast your mind back to the early Kamera books, every page was accompanied by a technical description of the photograph including camera, lens, focal length and f stop, filter colours, lighting etc.. It could sometimes be repetitive but personally I missed it when it was discontinued. I learned of my meager photographic skills from this data.

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