Suzanne Pritchard – Poolside Fun! (Original)

Suzanne Pritchard relaxing nude by the pool in what looks like a set of candid shots of her. I’ve mentioned before in other posts that she had a thick lush bush, but it was very rarely on show and normally discreetly covered by a hand or panties. Well these shots do give us a fairly good view of Suzanne’s superb bush as she lays naked on a sun lounger and plays around on a diving board. My favourite is the shot of her leaning over the edge of the diving board with her big tits squeezed between her arms and the view of her thick pussy between her legs. The last two shots of her bouncing on the board are fun, especially seeing those big tits defy gravity 🙂

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  1. Speaking of hair, is that a wig? because if its not, I wouldn’t think she’s planning of diving in the pool any time soon!!

    • Not sure Driver as she did like to wear wigs. That is her natural hair colour, but I always thought it was a much shorter style? Would have been interesting to see the before and after shots of her jumping in the pool 🙂

  2. I hope she didn’t bounce and stretch those tits too much – the years can be cruel to a girl with tits that hang like that.

  3. Always a favourite – one of the original so-called ‘torpedo’ tits. She appears to be very short, and of course, it’s quite unusual to see her not larking about – never seen anything other than soft core though.

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