Hazel Bradshaw – Watch Out For Splinters! (Original)

Another great photo of Hazel Bradshaw by Leslie Bainbridge. This shot shows Hazel sat astride a wooden fence showing off her naked body and perky nipples and like most Bainbridge models also showing off her perfectly smooth mound. Not sure that’s an ideal pose to be doing naked on a wooden fence, but it’s still a very effective shot and pose from Hazel 🙂

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  1. Thank you for another clean shaven Doll! Sweet!

  2. Lovely photo. Although perfectly shaven, as a Bainbridge model, Hazel always has the look of the genuine naturist club member rather than a visiting glamour model. This shot was almost certainly taken at the Eureka Club in Kent on a stile on the edge of the grounds.The stile was one of LB’s favourite props to which he would often gravitate at the end of a photo session having overcome (if necessary) any shyness on the part of his subject. Positioning her apparently naturally climbing or sitting astride the stile – especially if she were depilated- offered the opportunity for more revealing poses than she might have intended.

  3. Not the prettiest of models but she makes up for it by proudly showing off without embarrassment her gorgeous lady bits, including that shaven mound and hairless slit. A striking pose!

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