Spinning a Yarn with Suzi


Suzi Shaw spinning a yarn in the studio by Russell Gay. This comes from an original set of 4 by 5 prints that were still in a sealed packet containing 10 prints. Classic Russell Gay style and pose with Suzi in black stockings and high heels posing in the studio with a spinning wheel.

Quite extreme make-up in these shots especially the eyebrows, but love the freckles and those great tits!

Hairless Hazel


A hairless Hazel Bradshaw by Leslie Bainbridge. A beautiful shot of Hazel outside showing off her naked body and perky nipples. Like most Bainbridge models she’s also showing off her perfectly smooth mound and prominent slit. Definately getting that all over tan!

A Starry Eve!

I was pretty certain I’d posted some shots from this photo set of Eve Eden before, but apparently not! So here is the first of several shots of Eve in sheer negligee posing in front of a starry background. A cracking shot of Eve and her tits through that sheet top and the rest of the set is as equally revealing 🙂

Just Kept Hanging!

Ever been sat waiting on hold on a phone call for what seems like hours, that’s me today! I bet they would answer if they knew Beryl was on the other end looking like this.

A beautifully posed shot of Beryl Gilchrist from an original 10 by 8 print. Maybe she’s calling some lucky person to come over and help her out 😉