Diane – Another Good Girl Gone Bad! (Original)

Time for a fourth post of the Good Girls Gone Bad set this time featuring US model Diane Edwards posing on a sofa in white top and leather mini skirt and boots. What members see is the bad side of Diane where she’s stripped off apart from her boots exposing her boy, small perky tits and spreading a lot more than a smile for the camera! Another Fabulous shot of another good girl gone bad 🙂

Hazel Bradshaw – Watch Out For Splinters! (Original)

Another great photo of Hazel Bradshaw by Leslie Bainbridge. This shot shows Hazel sat astride a wooden fence showing off her naked body and perky nipples and like most Bainbridge models also showing off her perfectly smooth mound. Not sure that’s an ideal pose to be doing naked on a wooden fence, but it’s still a very effective shot and pose from Hazel 🙂

June Palmer – A Tied Squeeze! (Original)

Another image of June squeezing and trying to lick her tits as she’s tied up, wow!  The second of 4 images from this set and all needed restoration as faded down one side, but all are fantastic and I realized she’s wearing the same dress as posted under ‘June & The Short Leather Dress‘. They all come from the same set as ‘Psychedelic Sofa‘, as both contain June wearing the black Basque, show June with her hands bound with rope and feature the psychedelic sofa!

June Palmer in Not Tonight Darling (Video)

Another short but sweet clip of June in one of her brief film appearances.  This features June in a black leotard as a health club member in the 1971 film ‘Not Tonight, Darling’.  You see her body at the beginning of the clip climbing into a toning machine and then throughout the clip, with a short shot showing her face. Not a very long clip of her, but another of her listed film appearances to add to the collection here

Also, call me a perv but wouldn’t you just love to see this clip of June in that toning machine without the black leotard? 😛

Thanks to John for sending this through, who also mentions he’s seen the 1965 version of Moll Flanders that has June credited as making an appearance, but John says as of yet he’s been unable to find her in the film.  It must have been a very fleeting shot of her then!

June Palmer – Nude on Black (Original)

Two more shots of June posing at Strobe Studios nude against a black background, highlighting the paleness of her naked form! Part of a set of shots I have been sent by John, with 7 shots in total so far. The first three shots of this shot posted here.


Note: This is an original image and subject to this copyright notice, but can be individually shared as long as the image remains unaltered and this website is acknowledged as the source.

June Palmer – Nearly Outdone by Wallpaper! (Original)

Two shots of June posing at Scotlee Studio’s where the wallpaper used on the set behind her almost distracts you away from June herself, almost! The top shot of June is too damn alluring of her in those sheer panties and stockings to even get distracted by wallpaper. I included the second less alluring shot, so you can just see the colour of the wallpaper and the rug, but you may need your sunglasses!!

In her time June has posed in a lot of locations and sets, but my god there have been some garish wallpapers in the background! So in honour of those wallpapers I’ve set up another set called ‘It’s All About The Wallpaper!“, so you can see some of the designs she had to put up with. Enjoy, but again make sure you’ve taken your medication and have sunglasses ready as some of it’s a psychedelic trip!




June Palmer – Top & Tail! (Original)

Two studio shots of June taken in the 1970’s, one a fabulous frontal, the other a raunchy rear! Both come from original negatives sent through by John and I like both for different reasons, but the top one gets my vote for clarity of the tits and the bottom one, well for the bottom 🙂


Note: These are original images and subject to this copyright notice, but can be individually shared as long as the images remain unaltered and this website is acknowledged as the source.

June Laying Down a Track! (Original)

Shot three of ‘June & The Radiogram’ where she’s seen posing on a 1967 His Master’s Voice 2032 Radiogram. This is a closer cropped shot, but has her lying fully across it and they don’t make them like they used to, do they? I suppose that could be said about both the Radiogram and June, sturdy and great form  🙂