June Palmer – The Perfect Ride! (Original)

Would you believe that one of the top 5 most viewed posts on this site also includes a Lambretta scooter and June with Eve Eden and they’re not even naked! So he is another studio shot of June posing on a Lambretta, this time showing us a little more in the way of flesh, but still sort of riding/mounting the Lambretta.  I have one more shot of June with a Lambretta to post from John, but this is a much more formal shot. I bet this shot sold no end of these scooters with June posing on it like that!


An Arched View of June (Original)

Time for another original shot of June taken by Stefan Glass in the 1960’s in various locations around a house. This shot has June sat posing in a high arched recess in one of the bedrooms, with the original negative showing a wider shot including a window on the right and standing lamp on the left.  When John sent these through he also included a set of contact sheets (middle) marked up with the cropping for the shot.  The bottom shot is one that I’ve then cropped in line with the contact sheet and makes the shot a lot cleaner by removing the peripheral items. I love both shots but will always go for the complete view (top) as it gives you a better idea of the place, even if the bottom shot is more aesthetically pleasing.


Note: This is an original image and subject to this copyright notice, but can be individually shared as long as the image remains unaltered and this website is acknowledged as the source.

More June in Long Green Gloves (Original)

I’ve post a couple of shots of June in the long green gloves here before, but this is the first high-resolution copy of an original negative from the set. A wonderful close-cropped shot of June holding her gloved hands above her head and a huge thanks to Kevin for sending this through. Incidentally Kevin is currently selling a Teri Martine negative of Teri possibly wearing the same gloves, so maybe taken at Strobe?

June Palmer – Always Worth Another Look!

June posing in head scarf and long black gloves from the pages of Carnival Magazine (November 1967), also sporting some nice leopard skin pants! Originally posted by Beutelwolf over on VEF.