Just Jackie!

An image of Jackie Parker from the 1950’s Glamour Book P26 by Russell Gay. The usual chequered background can be seen in this shot as well as Jackie’s magnificent tits, which should never be overlooked and nice to see her with her natural coloured hair rather than some awful blonde wig!

Pamela Hing – A Lantern View (Original)

I have loads of images of Pamela, but until recently her name had escaped me, but then I came across her name in the ‘1950’s Glamour Book’ and now I have another name to put to a body and face. She was a popular model for Russell Gay and appeared in several of his publications including Amber and QT. This is a typical RG shot of her kneeling on a coloured chequered background. Fabulous figure as well 🙂


Hazel’s Hanging Fruits! (Xmas Calendar)

A colour shot of Hazel Taylor (Ann Dixon) with the toga like dress and grapes hanging down.  Hazel looking rather glam with her hair up from the 1950’s Glamour Book that includes a range of images from Russell Gay publications, so one assumes this was by Russell gay and the second shot I’ve published from this set of Hazel, the first one posted here.

Pat’s Perfect Pose (Xmas Calendar)

The Perfect Pat Ebden looking absolutely gorgeous as she drops her dress to reveal a stunning combination of black low cut bra, corset and black stockings. This is the second shot of three that I have from this set of Pat, with the other two including this one, showing Pat in the same outfit kneeling on the bed smoking. A perfect pose from Pat!

Hazel Taylor – Table Top Elegance

Hazel Taylor (Ann Dixon) looking very glamorous as she kneels atop a table in just a sparkly necklace! An earlier shot of Hazel, not taken by Harrison Marks, but more likely Russell Gay and from the pages of the 1950’s Glamour Book.

Maria Frost – Always a Good Girl!

Until last week I think I only had one image of Maria Frost and then Terry sent me one of his originals (coming soon!), closely followed by me finding the above shot. This shot again appears on P267 of the ‘1950’s Glamour Book’ which seems to be predominately work by Russell Gay, so this could be a Terry shot as well? Having now dug around for other shots of Maria, two things stand out. One, she likes her wigs, as she almost always seems to be wearing one in the shots I’ve seen and two, she wears the chain and cross in many as well, so obviously a good little church going girl!  Although if you manage to see her appearance in the 1970 Harrison Marks film ‘A Hit For Two Miss’s’ appearing with Angela Duncan, she doesn’t look so innocent to me! She also appears in a second GHM film, also in 1970 called ‘Souts Honour’

Nancy Roberts – Stairway Glamour

A wonderful colour shot of Nancy Roberts by Russell Gay that was re-printed in the ‘1950’s Glamour Book’, but probably appeared originally in either QT or Model, both published by Russell Gay. I’m not sure where it appeared, but this shot has the typical squared background that he used in many of his shots for those publications. Regardless Nancy looks stunning in this shot with her hair pulled back.