Spotlight on Maria & Jean (Original)

Maria Hale and Jean Spaul (Sporle) from a scan of an original colour Pamar 35mm colour slide. It features Jean and Maria on stage and was probably taken around 1959 at the same time as the other images that appear in the publication Kamera Backstage, as both of the models featured in that magazine on stage.

A Reflection of Backstage (1959)

From Kamera Backstage (1959) comes a shot spread across two pages (P32 & P33) of Pamela Green, Mary Deighan and Madeleine Mado (Maria Hale). A great shot of all 3, with Pam being seen in the reflection of the mirror as she chats to Mary wearing some great little nipple pasties! Madeleine stares off into the distance, but no nipple pasties on her, just a small little princess crown instead 🙂

Three Backstage Beauties (Original)

Madeleine Mado (Maria Hale), Mary Deighan and Pamela Green posing in the dressing room from a 35mm Pamar colour slide sent over by Kevin. This reminds me of this image that started me on this journey back in 2013, where does the time go! Although this image of the three girls was taken at the same time as the other images that appeared in Kamera backstage, this specific shot doesn’t actually appear in the publication, so maybe only ended up as a slide?


Note: This is an original image and subject to this copyright notice

Backstage with Pam, Mary & Madeleine (1959)

Two shots of Pamela Green, Mary Deighan and Madeleine Mado (Maria Hale) from Kamera Backstage (1959). Both shots are very elegantly done, with all 3 models fitting well into the same shot. My favourite is the top shot with Mary and Pam wearing the nipple covers or pasties, whatever they are called and Madeleine in the background. The bottom shot is all about the use of light and shadows bouncing off the bodies of the 3 girls and it works very well with the shape of the bodies and the different perspectives. One of my favourite early Kamera Specials 🙂

Backstage Beauties – Maria Hale & Jean Spaul (1959)

Another double delight of beauties, this time Jean Spaul (Sporle) and Maria Hale from the 1959 special Kamera Backstage. Both Jean and Maria appear through-out this special, but more-so Maria both as herself (short dark hair) and predominately as Madeleine Mado (long blonde wig).

Pamela Green & The Fan Dance (1959)

A made up Pamela Green performing the fan dance on stage from the pages of Kamera Backstage (1959) and very similar to this early shot of Marie Deveraux. I’m not sure in this shot if Pam was naked or she was wearing flesh coloured panties that were later retouched out!

Erica Backstage (1959)

The unforgettable (well her figure anyway!) Erica posing backstage as a stage hand reads a paper! The guy must be blind or had bromide slipped in his cup of tea to be ignoring that view!

I also recently found an uncensored shot of Erica in another publication, so will have to scan and publish that soon 😉

Kamera Backstage Billboard Flyer

I love this page at the front of Kamera Backstage that looks like a like a bill poster, along with the image of Mary Deighan having a smoke and reading the paper in the side wings pretending to relax. A lot of effort seems to have gone into the creation and production of this Kamera Special and it was my first introduction to Harrison Marks and Pamela Green, so very glad I have a copy now 🙂