Bridget Leonard – Skull & Crosses!

A restored 35mm colour Pamar slide of Bridget Leonard by Harrison Marks. Some interesting props in use with the skull and the big cross necklace, both of which have appeared with other models of that period. The skull pops up everywhere and the necklace adorned the beautiful neck of Rita Landre (Pamela Green) in a similar set of Pamar slides I’ve posted before.

Bridget looks very elegant as well leaning forward like that 🙂

Sally Dixon – Beach Ball Beauty!

A beautiful shot of Sally Dixon from a restored 35mm colour slide from the 1960’s and taken at Jason Studios. A great side view of her figure, but not too sure about the semi deflated beachball!

A Daily Dawn!

All this week at least one post a day of Dawn Grayson from the various negatives, slides and images I have of her from my vast collection. Today a much more colourful and cheerful shot of Dawn from a 35mm colour slide.

A coy shot of her holding a black negligee in front of her naked body, but still managing to show a hint of nipple.

Diane Hedges – A Flash of Pink!

A reflective shot of Diane Hedges by Harrison Marks from a restored 35mm Pamar Slide. Not a very colourful shot apart from the flashes of pink from her nipples and the curtains, plus the red nail polish. Still gives you a very good view of Diane’s figure though 🙂