Bournemouth Never Looked So Good in the 80’s! (1981)

Another staple diet for me back in the 1980’s was the Paul Raymond publication Escort, which was always on my buy list each month, although not many copies survived!  

I loved how they published so called girls from major UK towns each month, all looking fabulously hot and willing to strip or drop their knickers for the camera. I liked to believe at the time they were actual girls from that town, but looking back now most were professional models. Such an example is the very ample Angel from Bournemouth, who willingly flashed her big tits and hairy pussy within the pages of the magazine, but is actually Jennifer Eccles. Jennifer went on later in her career to do far more than stripping in front of the camera, but stayed a favourite of mine even to today.

More happy memories from the 80’s!

Monique Devereux – Breaking Free (1968)

Monique Devereux (Monique Leitzau) posing beside some very big doors for Escort Magazine (April 1968). Apparently according to the blurb, which is always true (not!) she was training for the opera before coming to England to model! Well she definitely had the lungs for it!

Candy Earle & Three Lovely Beach Balls

Not your usual post from me with this one of Candy Earle, but I do like her!. This comes from Escort Magazine (April 1968) and shows off Candy’s great beach balls to good effect, although the multi-coloured one is hiding more than it’s showing 🙂