Georgina – Bare or Hair? (Original)

Two original contrasting shots of the model known as Georgina sent over by Kevin. The first shot was taken by Harrison Marks and shows Georgina posing in the studio, uncensored and showing off a cleanly shaven and smooth pussy. The second shot by  an unknown photographer of her posing in someone’s front room is again uncensored, but this time she’s sporting a very natural look and a thick covering of hair all over that pussy.

Both shots are fabulous, but I can’t decide which look I prefer on her, so hair or bare?

Georgina Michele – A Small But Perky Pair!

Another unknown model to me, but these were such a lovely perky pair of images of Georgina, showing off her own little perky pair that I thought I’d share them here. Both shots seem to be from different magazines, but there is a definite Oriental clothing theme going on in them, with the jackets and that hat!