Georgina – Bare or Hair? (Original)

Two original contrasting shots of the model known as Georgina sent over by Kevin. The first shot was taken by Harrison Marks and shows Georgina posing in the studio, uncensored and showing off a cleanly shaven and smooth pussy. The second shot by  an unknown photographer of her posing in someone’s front room is again uncensored, but this time she’s sporting a very natural look and a thick covering of hair all over that pussy.

Both shots are fabulous, but I can’t decide which look I prefer on her, so hair or bare?

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  1. You ended you last sentence with a question mark, so I assume you are asking for comments.

    I subscribe to the smooth look camp. A thatch is Ok, some would say though “au natural” is best. Even (I’m told) if it does itch like blazes when it starts to grow again!!

  2. I prefer hair. It adds a hint of mystery to the precious pussy.

  3. It’s nice to be presented with such conundrums, and somebody to model both approaches.

    Congrats to the production team for such brain teasers; beats sudoku any day.

  4. I had better stand up and be counted in this; both of my wives depilated on a regular basis, citing it was more comfortable that way. Neither had a vast growth anyway.

    Even tried it myself very occasionally, in certain aspects of married life I must admit it was very pleasant – when er! fresh -.

  5. Hair every day, gone never! Women have hair, little girls are bald.

  6. Smooth – always!

  7. Smooth forever! What is better than nude? Hairless! Why else did the explicit models spread their pussy lips back in the day except to show what was covered. Those days are gone, good riddance.. There is still plenty of sheep for all the hair lovers.

  8. Shaven, every time. My wife has always been immaculately depilated and we are both longstanding nudists. When we visited clubs in the 70s and 80s she invariably stood out as the only shaven female. There was a bit of prejudice around because depilation was associated with ‘professional’models. Things have changed! In his capacity as editor of H and E, Leslie Bainbridge insisted that his models were shaven and we did run into him occasionally at clubs including Eureka where my wife was very flattered by his approaches. For me, nothing beats the combination of a shaven mound framed by stockings and suspenders…

  9. Gotta be hair every time. Think of all the fun to be had in the topiary line!

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