Dawn Grayson – Girl Illustrated Vol.4 No.38 Cover (1970)

I’ve posted this cover featuring Dawn Grayson before, but it was a very poor quality version even by my standards. Thanks to Paul from Firebird Records I now have a much better version of Girl Illustrated Vol.4 No.38 (1970) cover featuring Dawn. What wasn’t obvious to me until I saw a clearer version is the sneaky view of one her her small pert tits in the shadows of the shot, very discreetly done I think! Enjoy the better version of this cover and dawn 🙂

Big Things Ahead!

A big day in the UK yesterday as I’m sure everyone knows (Unless you were on a remote island somewhere, or is that us now!) Regardless of views, today is a new day with lots of unknowns ahead. What is not unknown is that whatever happens going forward a nice big pair of tits always makes the day seem that much better!

This delicious pair belong to Jackie Maddern from Girl illustrated Vol.5 No.22 (1972) and she has plenty on show to distract you from anything! Anyway onwards and upwards I say and as Corporal Jones would say ‘Don’t Panic Mr Mainwaring!’

Val Van Dotson – Fantastic Name & Body!

I first came across Val in a film by Arthur Howell called ‘Brides in the Bath‘, which I’ve posted over on my Just June Site, as it starred June Palmer plus many other models photographed by Harrison Marks. In that film she went by the name ‘Vanda Vane Dotson’, but also appeared in Spick & Span and Girls Illustrated as ‘Wanda Van Dotson’ (Below)

Other than those few appearances I can find very little about her and even if that was her real name? Real or not it was a cracking name to have as a model and one you don’t easily forget! Saying that she also has a great body in the shots above, but in the film doesn’t get undressed at all, but plays quite a frumpy Matron. I think I prefer her as above 🙂

Sally Dixon – The Uninhibited Divorcee! (1971)

Another double page spread of Sally Dixon from Girl Illustrated Vol.5 No.5 (1971) and I must admit she looks rather good in these shots, or should I say her body and boobs do! The article if it is to be believed says Sally was divorced, but marrying again, but who in their right mind would want to get rid of her in the first place. Maybe she was a Diva to live with, or far too uninhibited for husband number one!

The Magnificent Nipples of Lucienne (1971)

About time we had some more of Lucienne Camille, or as she is better known Sylvia Bay and those magnificent nipples of hers! These two shots come from the pages of Girl Illustrated Vol.5 No.5 (1971). I prefer the second page to the first as she looks a bit rough in the first. Her body in the shots I’ve seen always seems to have a sheen to it and I love the contrast of her dark skin against the white of her bathrobe and panties in these. Thanks to Beutelwolf over on VEF for these scans.

Sally Dixon – I Dream of Jeannie! (1969)

Sally Dixon from the pages of Girl Illustrated Vol.3 No.33 (1969) in see-through purple top and trousers. As the title suggests this shot reminds me of Barbara Eden as Jeannie in the 1960’s TV series ‘I Dream of Jeannie’, although I doubt you’d have seen Barbara Eden in this pose! I love the colour contrast of the orange and purple and the straight face on Sally as she flashes her tits to the camera.