Jennifer Garland Proudly Presents …

A very nice pair of plumped up tits from a scan of an original Pamar colour slide by Harrison Marks. Not that Jennifer needed to plump up that fine chest, as they looked like a nice firm round pair without any assistance 🙂

Zigrinda in Colour

A shot of the very sullen Zigrinda this time without the fuzzy hat, but showing some fuzz of her own! Unknown publication, but based on the image from Kamera No.87 I would say it was taken at the same location due to the gaudy background and taken by Harrison Marks.

I think the harsh fringe doesn’t help her expression, but maybe it was a wig as the collar and cuffs don’t match 😉

Forms in Color Cover Featuring June Palmer

June on the cover of Forms in Color Vol.2 No.6 posing nude in the Chinese Garden set re-printed from an Harrison Marks original. These magazines tended to re-print a lot of Harrison Marks work for the European market and as such all the content other than the cover was uncensored.