Just Jackie!

An image of Jackie Parker from the 1950’s Glamour Book P26 by Russell Gay. The usual chequered background can be seen in this shot as well as Jackie’s magnificent tits, which should never be overlooked and nice to see her with her natural coloured hair rather than some awful blonde wig!

Jackie & The Tin Foil! (Original)

A restored colour negative of Jackie Parker, semi dressed for a change! She looks great in those stockings, black bra and heels posing on the chaise lounge, but I’m not too sure about the tin foil background. The negative was originally very red, so I suppose the foil could be silver or maybe not! Just reminds me of cooking things in foil, although she does look hot!

Lorraine & Jackie – An Oiled Pair!

I seen several shots frm this set of Lorraine Burnett and Jackie Parker posing oiled up and nude on what looks like plastic sheeting, but this one I particularly like. I think it’s again all to do with the lighting and use of shadows and the reflection of the light off the oiled boobs of them both.

I also don’t think the shot would have worked as well if Lorraine hadn’t been blonde, as the contrast between her blonde hair and shadows also works. You can’t see much of Jackie, but what you can see is good enough 🙂

Jackie Parker – Spanish Beauty

Jackie Parker posing surrounded by Spanish vacation posters and in typical Spanish headdress and not much else! Unknown photographer but the image appears in the 1960’s Glamour book claiming to publish models from the Knave and Fiesta archive.