Kamera Magazine Listing (1957 – 1968)

Clicking the images below will show you a larger image of the cover, the text link underneath will take you to pages of that Kamera edition that have already been published. Unfortunately I have some gaps in the later editions, so there are no working links, but they will be updated as I get copies.

Kamera No.31 Through To No.60 (1960 – 1964)

Kamera No.31
(Mary Deighan, Pamela Green
and Jean Spaul)

Kamera No.32
(Rona Scott)

Kamera No.33
(Virginia Green)

Kamera No.34
(Paula Page)

Kamera No.35
(Rita Landre)

Kamera No.36

Kamera No.37
(Avra Bennett)

Kamera No.38
(Pamela Green)

Kamera No.39
(Lorraine Burnett)

Kamera No.40
(Princess Sonmar Kendriks)

Kamera No.41
(Madeleine Mills)

Kamera No.42
(Bea Bea Chu-Chu)

Kamera No.43
(Jackie Salt)

Kamera No.44
Jackie Salt, Angela Jones
& Petrina Forsythe

Kamera No.45
Jackie Salt & Angela Jones)

Kamera No.46
Bridget Leonard)

Kamera No.47
(Tina Graham

Kamera No.48

Kamera No.49
Ann Walker)

Kamera No.50
Margaret Nolan &
Maria Clarence

Kamera No.51 (Vivienne Warren)


Kamera No.5
(Angela Jones)

Kamera No.5
(Maureen Tavenbeck)

Kamera No.5
(Jayne Tracy)

Kamera No.5
(Rusty Gaynor)

Kamera No.5
(Frankie Young)

Kamera No.5
(Vera Novak)

Kamera No.5
(Annette Johnson)

Kamera No.5
(Dawn Grayson)

Kamera No.60 
(Molly Peters)

Kamera No.61 Through To No.89 (1965 – 1968)

Kamera No.61
(June Palmer)

Kamera No.62
(Wendy Luton)

Kamera No.63
(Sue Owen)

Kamera No.64
(Elaine Desmond)

Kamera No.65
(Marie Deveraux)

Kamera No.66
(Margaret Nolan)

Kamera No.67
(Ann Wilson)

Kamera No.68
(Vicky Groves)

Kamera No.69
(June Palmer)

Kamera No.70
(Jutka Goz)

Kamera No.71
(Sue Chester)

Kamera No.72
(Cleo Simmons)

Kamera No.73
(Sue Owen)

Kamera No.74
Beryl Gilchrist)

Kamera No.75

Kamera No.76
Julie Collins)

Kamera No.77
(June Palmer

Kamera No.78
Nicky Stephens)

Kamera No.79
(Rosalie Peters)

Kamera No.80
(Louise Worth)

Kamera No.81
 (Gillian Evans)

Kamera No.82
(Valarie Jones)

Kamera No.8
(Monique Devereux)

Kamera No.84
(Suzi Shane)

Kamera No.8
(Barbar Hawkes)

Kamera No.8
(Teri Martine)

Kamera No.8
(Ann Day)

Kamera No.8
(Pam Arnold)

Kamera No.89 
(Velma Loftus)