Brenda’s Milky White Tits! (Original)

The fabulous Brenda Denaut flashing a stocking top and more in this restored 10 by 8 print. I love this shot and pose of Brenda, but it seems that all the different images I have of her she always has a tan allowing those beautiful tits to have a milky white tan lined look to them 🙂

Brenda Denaut – Blonde Ambition! (Original)

The beautiful 1960’s US model Brenda Denaut (Mardi Arquette) from a set of 6 restored colour prints. She seems to be wearing a silver/blonde wig in this set but it’s definitely Brenda and her fabulous tits posing in stockings and red panties. Only a small set of 6 images of Brenda posing on what looks to be a very busy office set, but thanks to Oxxbridge Galleries for these great images 🙂

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Beautiful Brenda!

The beautiful 1960’s US model Brenda Denaut, real name Mardi Arquette and mother of Hollywood actresses Rosanna and Patricia Arquette. Busty Brenda as well as posing nude for magazines also had her own acting career in a string of low-budget sexploitation flicks in the 1960’s, including Olga’s House of Shame (1964).

I love this rare colour shot of Brenda and thanks as always to Kevin for sharing 🙂