Vintage Magazines

A request! If any of you out there have a secret archive of vintage magazines then I’d be interested in getting copies!  It goes without saying I’m particularly interested in anything Harrison Marks, Pamela Green or June Palmer related.  I am also interested in copies of Parade, Carnival and Girl Illustrated from the 1960’s and early 1970’s or any of the older Fiesta or smaller digest magazines.

I’m looking for high quality scans if you have them, or if you want to send me original magazines, then even better!  I do this site for free and make nothing from it, so can’t offer you any financial recompense, but you will have my eternal gratitude and of course be quoted as the source of any material.

I know I’m asking a lot as these magazines are 40 years and older and becoming quite collectable, but the saying goes, if you don’t ask ….

Anyway if you do and want to share please contact me via the form on the contact page and lets discuss 🙂



Parade No.1481 Front & Back Covers

I recently acquired another great vintage magazine going by the name of Parade.  Parade was a long running British “Mens Magazine” format published weekly.  It was not a glossy paper type glamour magazine, which makes it hard to find well preserved copies of a magazine that is over 40 years old! It had limited “pin-up” material when it started and featured a variety of features such as sports, film, current issues, jokes, letters and of course the pin-up girls.  
In the 1960’s Parade featured a colour glamour girl centre page pin-up (often topless and often missing from the magazines now) and a double page, two colour type such as blue and black / yellow and black glamour girl feature, plus lots of innocent type pin-ups throughout the magazine. 
Parade No.1481 Cover Featuring Karen Jensen
House of Cresta – Lovers of Beautiful Rings Advert