Wicked Wanda (1950’s)

So another unknown model potentially identified from my list of unknown models, again sent through by Jeff. Jeff sent through the bottom image of Janet Riley from Carnival magazine (Jan 1957), who he believes is also the unknown model No.10 I’ve posted before from Photographic Rhythm No.1 (Top Shot). At the same time I also found the middle shot of the same model, but titled as Wanda, but that should be taken with a pinch of salt as it’s only in the title.  So is this Janet Riley? The early image of her is very different from the others, but there are some facial similarities. Unfortunately I’ve not been able to find any other references to her as Janet Riley or Wanda, so we will just have to go with what we have.

Thanks to Jeff for his continuing effort to go through my list of unknown models and trying to identify them 🙂


A Shaded June Simpson (1950’s)

The distinguishable June Simpson posing in the shadows on leopard skin rug for Lawrence Venn. This was taken from the back page of Photographic Rhythm No.1 (1950’s) by Lawrence Venn and it almost looks as though she’s mounting/riding that leopard in this shot!

June Simpson – What’s New Pussycat!

June Simpson posing on a leopardskin rug from Photographic Rhythm No.1. Another great shot from Lawrence Venn of June, but it again looks cut out and pasted on a white background!

Eve Eden – It’s All in the Eyes!

Right! before anyone moans about the bad editing, other than scanning and removing some scratches I’ve not touched these images of Eve Eden! These images are all from Photographic Rhythm No.1 by Lawrence Venn and raise all sorts of questions. Like why were the images not only retouched in the nether regions, but also the eyes! If you look closely the eyes on these and most of the other pages in this magazine look drawn on and not very well! It also looks as if Eve herself has been cut out and pasted onto a white or black background, again very badly. The top images is the best, but they get progressively worse as you go down the page. Which raises the question … why? I know the main attraction of Ms Eden wasn’t her eyes, but still I can’t stop staring at them, when really my attention should be focussed on her wonderful figure, especially the second image 🙂

Eve Eden – The Painted Lady!

Before anyone comments I’ve not touched this image other than to scan it and remove some creases!  If the eyes etc. look painted or drawn on, that is how they appear in the magazine, but they do appear to have been enhanced.

Anyway no denying it’s Eve Eden posing for Photographic Rhythm Magazine No.1