Shoot! It’s Virginia Green

Virginia Green, one of my favourite redheads posing as a cowgirl for Russell Gay. A view that would make any man misfire himself 🙂 Re-printed in 1950’s Glamour Book and I have another shot from this set that was one of the first VG shots I published.

Virginia Green in Full Length Colour!

Virginia Green in full colour from the centre pages of Model No.14 by Russell Gay. This was a tri-fold spread across 3 pages carefully stitched together for your viewing pleasure. What an absolutely fantastic curvy figure Virginia had and on view here, apart from the retouching of the nether regions a perfect shot!

Virginia Green – Model No.14 Cover

Virginia Green one of my favourite redheads appearing nude on the cover of Model No.14 by Russell Gay. Russell Gay’s covers and shots for QT & Model are always very familiar, as they either feature a coloured chequered background or odd props and large jewellery. All of which appear on this cover, but take nothing away from the fine assets of Virginia Green 🙂

The Glossy Lips & Curvy Hips of Virginia Green

I just can’t stop staring at these shots of Virginia Green from two restored negatives. I don’t know if it’s the perfectly glossed lips, the natural curve of her hips or the hint of those other lips above the smooth pubis that catches my attention. All in all two fantastic shots of her and I love the use of the pearls as a bracelet and one further up her arm.

These were originally colour negatives, but so badly faded to magenta there was no way to restore the colour, so I converted the to Black and white, which works well. A real shame as I would love to have seen these shots and Virginia in all her glory in full colour. 

Virginia Green – Kamera No.33 Cover (1961)

Virginia Green would certainly get my barometer going! Seen here posing on the cover of Kamera No.33 (1961).

My latest acquisition to add to my growing collection of Kamera editions. I’m now up to 10 editions of the standard Kamera magazine, plus some of the specials. So 10 down and only another 79 editions to go! 

Virginia Green – Dressing Room Nude

Another shot from this photo set of a nude Virginia Green posing on the dressing room set for Harrison Marks from the pages of Kamera No.29 (1960). I’d says this is towards the end of the set as she started in a long black dressing gown, which has now disappeared. Some retouching in the pubic region, but doesn’t look to be much, although it does look like she wore panties and the lines were retouched out.