Virginia Green – An Introduction to Kamera No.33 (1960)

I always like it when I find a shot of a model in Kamera and also have the original negative. Virginia Green from the introduction page of Kamera No.33 (1960).

Followed by the original of Virginia stood posing in the studio by Harrison Marks. A fabulous sexy sultry look and such curves, as I love the curve of her hips and not forgetting the smooth uncensored view down below showing off those prominent lips! 😉


A Model That’s Not Tina Madison (1960)

I’ve come across this model before in other editions of Kamera and seen her referred to as Tina Madison, but I was always very unsure that it was the Tina Madison I’ve posted before, as the body shape looked wrong. The official GHM website in it’s model database also has the model above as Tina Madison and her Kamera Appearances.
Well I now have definitive proof that the top model isn’t Tina, as I have a copy of Kamera No.33 (1960) and they both appear in it! The Tina I know (below) appears on page 3 and 7, the first model appears on pages 9 and 20, so they appear together in one edition, which might be where the confusion comes from. So if not Tina who is the first model?


A Quizzical Lorraine Burnett

Lorraine Burnett from the pages of Kamera No.33 (1961). There are two shots of her in this issue and this is the better of the two, with her wearing this white transparent negligee! I give her a bit of a hard time on this blog for never smiling or always pouting, but this is a much more natural look from her. Still not a smile and more of a quizzical look, but I prefer it and besides with her figure who cares if she smiles!

Pamela Green – Motorboat Pose

Pamela Green posing on the 30′ motorboat ‘Pyewacket’ she owned with Harrison Marks.  A shot similar to those from this set, that appeared in the pages of Kamera No.33 (1961).  The boat was kept in a boatyard down near Maidenhead, so one must assume these shots were taken somewhere around there on the river Thames.

Virginia Green – Kamera No.33 Cover (1961)

Virginia Green would certainly get my barometer going! Seen here posing on the cover of Kamera No.33 (1961).

My latest acquisition to add to my growing collection of Kamera editions. I’m now up to 10 editions of the standard Kamera magazine, plus some of the specials. So 10 down and only another 79 editions to go!