Terry Graham – Fiesta Magazine 1967

A topless Terry Graham from Fiesta Magazine Vol.1 No.9 (Dec 1967)
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  1. With a name like &quot;Terry&quot;, makes you think daddy was hoping for a boy! 🙂 All of us are happy he was wrong on that account!!<br /><br />Joking aside, the photo is a credit to the photographer. The way the light has been used to enhance her face, (you WERE looking at her face weren&#39;t you!!) and the half-smile of the model…. beautifully captured.

  2. One of the best things about Terry is her smile. Some models glare at the camera, but she looks as if she is enjoying what she&#39;s doing and what&#39;s more she&#39;s enjoying the effect it will have on us. You can&#39;t see them in this picture, but she has great legs too.


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