Paula & The Bamboo Cane!

Two cracking shots of Paula Page showing off those magnificent boobs to good effect with the aid of some bamboo canes and international country posters as a background.  Taken by GHM and probably appeared in Solo No.16 dedicated to PP and re-printed as part of the ‘Just Paula Page’ magazine (page 4 & 15) by Nostalgia Publications.  

The Solo magazine cover has Paula on this set in colour, but not seen any other colour versions, unless some of you have?

Clever use of lighting in the top image to hide things from the censor, but you can still see PP wasn’t shaved from the silhouette between her legs!
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  1. she&#39;s magnificent – looks like she wouldn&#39;t think twice about knocking you about a bit with those sticks and then smothering you . . . great stuff!<br /><br /> roop

  2. Indeed Roop, you&#39;d either get knocked out by the cane or her magnificent breasts, either way you&#39;d be smiling. Glad to say I have plenty of PP to come 🙂

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