June, The Short Leather Dress & The Manacles! (Originals)

Another start to the week and another JP original from John, but this time a set of four images as I’m feeling generous and productive this morning!  This set shows June in a short leather type dress and stockings slowly stripping to reveal more, including a white underwear set!  These are the only four provided by John, but my imagination and me are hoping there are more to this set, especially going beyond the final shot here, as that’s just a damn tease!

The shots provided were in sepia, so again all I’ve done is restore and remove blemishes.  These were probably taken in the 1970’s and possibly at Strobe, but not confirmed.  As John points out the set seems to be a bathroom set with the tiles, but then there are the manacles attached to the wall, so not your average bathroom, well not in my household anyway! 

Enjoy a wonderful set!

Note: These are original images and subject to this copyright notice, but can be wholly or individually shared as long as the images remain unaltered and this website is acknowledged as the source.
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  1. Great June pics. You have some really cool content on your site. Are there any online biography's about June and her career?

    • Thanks glad you like the content. the biographies online tend to be patchy, like Wikipedia etc. I'm trying to pull together one for her on here, with the information gathered by people that knew and met her, especially around her later life and career.

  2. I will look forward to reading your biography. There must be some really interesting background about June and how she came back to modelling in later life. Running strobe studios in the 70's must have been challenging for June considering the kind of photography involved. Thanks again to you and your contributors.


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