Paula’s Pendulous Bedroom Curves!

The curves and massive tits of Paula Page as she kneels on the bed legs apart for Harrison Marks. Taken at his flat in the 1960’s this shot shows off Paula’s rounded figure and curves and big tits, if you like that sort of thing!

Clever use of the pose and lighting means that even though she has her thighs open you don’t see much. Helped by the shadow and that she was shaven, all you really see is the rounded V shape leading downwards 🙂

Paula’s Buoyancy Aids!

A very blonde looking Paula Page posing on the side of Harrison Marks’ motorboat ‘Pyewacket’. It looked like a lovely day for messing about in the water and Paula looks to be using those big tits of hers as great buoyancy aids.

I would say another still taken at the same time they filmed the black and white 8mm Glamour film No.104 ‘Nautical Nudes’.

A Bountiful Paula Page (Original)

A shot by Harrison Marks of Paula Page in the studio. One that shows off her curvy figure to perfection including this big pendulous tits, plus a hint of hairy pussy 🙂

Just a Blonde Paula!

Another beautiful shot of Paula Page by Harrison Marks, with the lighting highlighting her curves and lines! This shot appeared in the reprinting of GHM’s work of Paula called ‘Just Paula Page’. Obviously still going through her blonde stage 🙂