Xmas Cracker – Erica & The Xmas Cards

Following on from these 3 images of Busty Erica posing amongst the Xmas cards, I’ve found 3 more from the set for today’s Xmas cracker!

The first image is much larger than the other two and I don’t know if it was cropped or taken that way, but it could have been a bit lower!  The last two are very small images taken from negatives, so there must be larger versions somewhere. Both also feature GHM’s cats playing with what looks like marbles!  I’m already anticipating the onslaught of pussy jokes from the last two!
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  1. I&#39;m puzzled. Why would I want to make jokes about GHM&#39;s cats, especially when the enterprising little chaps are playing marbles? Oh, nice lady too.<br /><br />David

  2. She&#39;s good, sometimes she looks remarkable, but not so often . . .<br /><br /> rp


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