Kay Fitzsimmonds – Kamera Calendar, March 1966

Kay Fitzsimmonds posing on the loft set for the month of March in the 1966 Kamera Calendar. Earlier shots of Kay in the same loft setting seem to appear in Kamera No.29 (1960) onwards.
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  1. A good-looking woman who reminds me a little of Margaret Nolan facially – although she doesn&#39;t have Madge&#39;s embonpoint (or big knockers).. According to the GHM website she was a regular in Kamera, appearing in numbers 27, 29 (cover), 38, 42, 43, 48, 52, 57, 64 and 87, as well as Solo number 14. So, in theory, there should be plenty of material around.<br /><br />David

  2. A beautiful girl to be admired forever!

  3. Heard she suffered from depression. I&#39;ve been told that she was on a cruise ship and jumped over board. All very sad if true.


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