June Palmer – Kamera Calendar, Cover 1966

I thought I’d already published a version of the 1966 Kamera Calendar cover featuring June Palmer, but looking back through my posts it doesn’t seem like it. Anyway a high quality scan of my own copy of of the 1966 cover featuring a wet looking JP on the Roman Bath Set and I don’t think that green dress could cling to any more places on June!

I’ll continue to edit and repost my scans of the other months from 1966 over the coming weeks.

Audrey Judson – Kamera Calendar, November 1966

The November page of the Kamera Calendar 1966, but this one has me flummoxed for a while! I had real trouble working out who the model was, as she didn’t look at all familiar. I’ve now come to the conclusion it’s Audrey Judson, which would make sense with the dates when she modelled for GHM.