Through The Square Window with Kay & Gwen (1960’s)

Found over on Tumblr¬†a very arty shot featuring Kay Fitzsimmonds (Inside) and Gwen Ford (Outside). A beautifully framed shot and I especially like the shadows being cast on Kay’s body from inside the house. Gwen has a cheeky smile on her from outside and I can just imaging her poking her tongue out for the next shot. One of those odd shots I just stumbled across and instant recognised the models ūüôā

Kay Fitzsimmonds – In Bed With Ted! (1960)

Kay Fitzsimmonds sharing¬†a familiar bed with a large stuffed bear! I didn’t notice the bear in the shot until I started editing it, but then who would be looking for it when Kay is centre of attention. A great shot of Kay from Kamera No.27 P25 (1960) posing on a well used bed with familiar striped bedding, so either GHM only had one set of bedding or the bed was only used occasion for shots like this.

Kay Fitzsimmons

Kay Fitzsimmons from Kamera No.87, Page 27 (1968). Kay posed for Harrison Marks and appeared in Solo No.14 and Kamera Calendar 1966. She also appeared on cover of Kamera No.29 and also in No.27, 38, 42, 43, 44, 52, 57, 64 & No.87.  This was the sole image used of her in No.87 and is obviously taken from an earlier period (1960?) than the others, but thrown in as a single image as GHM had a tendency to do!