The Fabulous June Palmer – Part 1 & 2 (Video)

Long overdue, but time for another June Palmer glamour film from the archives of John W. This one is ‘The Fabulouls June Palmer’ – Parts 1 & 2 by Heritage films and is over 7 minutes long and features June posing nude on and around a stool in part 1. Part 2 starts with June having a quick cigarette break in a white negligee on the stool, before she proceeds to strip and pose nude on the floor. As with all the 8mm reel glamour films there is no sound, so as usual John has added the appropriate accompanying music to add to your viewing pleasure, as if June on film nude wasn’t enough.


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  1. Sorry to say I am unable to view the videos; is it possible to send them again. Cheers

    • I’ve just checked Ken and they all seem to be working this end and from other PC’s, so I don’t know what the issue is I’m afraid and no one else has mentioned any problems?

  2. I think the way that you have set it up, it needs java script and iframe, etc. be enabled to work …

    • I know it’s set up that way as the video’s are hosted on Google drive, so use the same code as YouTube, so hopefully most people will be able to see them as standard 🙂

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