Margaret Nolan in Chains! (1966)

This is an interesting shot and not for the obvious one of it being Margaret Nolan in chains! This shot of Margaret is from the Whitestone book No.71 ‘Paris Photo Beauty by Serge Jacques’ and taken by Serge Jacques, but looks more like a Harrison Marks shot to me, along with another shot in the book of her, which I know is from GHM. I suppose as Whitestone produced a number of these books by well known photographers images will have been swapped about, but I’m not even sure Maggie ever posed for Serge Jacques?
Thanks to Napo over on VEF for the scan.
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  1. Besides that I hate chains on beauty, I think Margaret posed for Sergue Jacques. She had then dark hair. I will keep looking! Tks anyway.

  2. i remember the mag and how she was out of place, also a couple of shots of Lorraine Burnett – mag is dedicated to as you say Sergey 🙂 nice one though, looks like a HM shot to me


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