A Medley of Unknown Models!

An assortment of unknown models photographed by Harrison Marks and appearing in different publications more than once!

Kathleen Cooper

Kamera Special No.2 (1958)
This oriental model appears in numerous early glamour publications including Kamera Special No.2 & Model No.14, but who is she?
Doris Hurst

Finally an unknown model sent through from Phil D, no idea where it came from or who she is, but a cracking figure and bosom on display, so would love to find out more?
I’ll add them to the unknown models page, which is growing bigger and bigger, but if you can ID any of them leave a comment.
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  1. number 4 there looks so prim and proper – less of an auntie and more of a teacher – it makes you (me) wonder where and why all these lassies got into the &#39;modeling&#39; game. But perhaps that was it, the aspirations of being a &#39;model&#39;, rather than just getting your kit off and later appearing in a magazine to be sold in soho<br /><br /> roop

    • I agree Roop the last one has a certain look of respectability about her, until; you see her like that! I&#39;d love to know why some of these so called models decided to take their clothes off. I know of a few that were housewives doing this as a side job

  2. Perhaps Terry Sparks would know? Would love to hear<br /><br /> roop

  3. Thanks for posting the last image and I do hope some one comes up with a definitive ID as this one has been bugging me for years. I did try posting it on the My Archives site years ago but it just came up with a resounding blank. So fingers crossed now.

  4. The oriental model is Lan Fah Lee.

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