Rhodes Rears! (Original)

After my day of rear views yesterday, Terry has sent through this original shot of not one rear but three! Taken in Rhodes in the late 1960’s, early 70’s Terry can’t quite remember the model names, but the middle one looks familiar? Regardless of names, what a view and we’re not talking the background scenery!
Thanks to Terry for continuing to send through shots from his collection of work. To me everyone is fantastic and worthy of being shown in it’s own right, they may not all fit in with the criteria of this site, but if not I’ll share over on my DaysGoneByPorn site, as they are all too good not to share I think you agree? 
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  1. As a fan of black pussy its a shame that there weren’t more in those times. Only Lucienne Camille who is my No1 and Venetia. I hope you publish more of them here.

    • I have a few more of both of them to publish, plus a few other dark models, so I’ll dig them out and post them soon. Lucienne Camille is one of my favourites too!


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