Margaret’s Marvellous Mound! (1964)

Superb shot of Margaret Nolan (Vicky Kennedy) kneeling in the shallows on a beach in Cornwall with the wind blowing her hair and a familiar mound in the background.  A familiar spot for Harrison Marks to take his models as that landmark appears in various shots.  This would put the location as Bedruthen beach in Cornwall and one of GHM’s favourite on location haunts during the 1960’s.  I’d put this shot at around 1964 as very similar shots of Margaret appear in ‘She Walks in Beauty‘, although this shot is not one of them.

This is also an uncensored shot of Margaret, as she’s showing a bit of ‘lip’ if you look closely as I did 🙂

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  1. Maggs was one of the best ‘posers’, and for me, just about the perfect shape, that mixture of tarty yet ‘out of reach to you sonny boy’ perfectly judged.


  2. That rather suggestive rock formation appeared in quite a lot of GHM’s photos.

  3. What a Beauty she is!

  4. Absolutely stunning,probably,in my view one of the most
    beautiful models of her time.

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