A Quick Dip with Paula Page!

Today wouldn’t be complete if there wasn’t a Paula Page post to go along with the other big busted ladies! So here it is and shows PP down by the lake looking for a quick dip, with only a small towel for decency. There’s no chance of her drowning with those buoyancy aids!


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  1. I’ve seen more of this set somewhere I think? Might be wrong of course. Its a curious picture – if you try to ‘add a story’ to a picture this one leads in several directions – is she coming or going? Has she left something behind? All unanswered questions . . .

    • I think it came from the ‘Big Book of Boobs’, but not 100% sure and not seen any others from this set. i’d go with going into the water as she’s not wet 😉

  2. No, haven’t seen it in that book, I’m sure I’ve seen them somewhere, perhaps on ‘myarchives’


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