Elaine Desmond – Pigtails & Rude Rocks! (Original)

A colour shot of Elaine Desmond posing in a rock pool on Bedruthen beach in nothing more than her pigtails. Another appearance of the familiar rock formation in the background, that has appeared in numerous shots of different models.  As someone has noted this particular rock has a very phallic look to it, so probably used by GHM on purpose!

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  1. Not very interesting I know, but the phallic looking rock is known as “Queen Bess rock”. I think the head fell off a while back. Maybe you should run a competition to rename it. I’ll pitch first with Georges Cock rock!

    • Thanks Paulie and like your suggestion and I must try and find out where this rock is as heading down to Cornwall this summer, so may go see if I can find it 🙂

  2. Elaine, she is such a contrast to whatever rockformation!
    The photographer did his job, but a bit unnessary accent to this real beauty!
    She could as well be a miracle among roses, especially those without thorns.


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