Margaret Nolan – Tree Nymph! (Original)

Another stunning shot from this set of Tree Nymph, Margaret Nolan by Harrison Marks. The pose and shape of Margaret’s body, along with those great looking tits do it for me! Looks like she could have done with a shave before this shot, but nothing a good retoucher at the time would have hidden, if at all 🙂

Another excellent, quality image to enjoy!

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  1. Thanks for the downloadable file. One thing to flag up: the “23 downloads” misled me. I assumed there were 13 pics to DL! It took me a few minutes to twig that it’s a counter for the number of times it’s been downloaded.

  2. Thanks Alan and I assume you tried a few times before realizing, but it worked OK? I may remove the count if it is misleading people 🙂

  3. Very nice changes for an already excellent site. Congratulations!

  4. she is remarkable – and little evidence that she’s actually sucking her stomach in!

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