Maryanne by Rob (Originals)

I do love it when I get sent through stuff by followers of my sites, be it their own copies of models from the 1950’s and 60’s or as in this case their own work! Rob is a member of both this site and my Just June site and contacted me earlier this week saying he had some June images he wished to share and if I was interested a few of his lovely wife. I’m never one to refuse such an offer and glad I didn’t because the images Rob sent of his wife were stunning, as you can see below! I don’t know if Maryanne ever modelled professionally, but she sure looks like she could have and her body is fantastic, with my favourite shot being the large one below, closely followed by the ones of her in the denim hotpants! These were taken in the early 1970’s and as Rob says he had ambitions to become a ‘glamour’ photographer, but never achieved it full time as life took him in a different direction. Either way a stunning model and wife that I’m happy to share on here with thanks to Rob for allowing me to share them 🙂


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