The Sinful Jeanette (Original)

Jeanette Marsden, the third and final model taken to Crete in May 1972 by Terry Sparks, along with Mandy Kuypers and Leanarda Colombo. A beautiful shot of Jeanette’s tanned body with just a hint of bush in the shot, as she poses on the sea edge. I couldn’t find much about Jeanette and her career, other than she had a few minor appearances in soft-core films, including one in 1973 titled ‘The Sinful Dwarf’.


Note: This is an original image and subject to this copyright notice.

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  1. It’s great to see her without a stitch.

    She had one appearance in Toco that I know of, In Beautiful Britons 208 (March 1973), a great three page set, where her bare boobs were spilling out of her outfit.

    In that 1973 issue, she was described as a Londoner, and aged 19 at the time.

  2. A perfect face and figure being shared with us by a lovely young girl in the full bloom of her feminine beauty. Love her pale nipples and thick bush.


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