Val Van Dotson – Fantastic Name & Body!

I first came across Val in a film by Arthur Howell called ‘Brides in the Bath‘, which I’ve posted over on my Just June Site, as it starred June Palmer plus many other models photographed by Harrison Marks. In that film she went by the name ‘Vanda Vane Dotson’, but also appeared in Spick & Span and Girls Illustrated as ‘Wanda Van Dotson’ (Below)

Other than those few appearances I can find very little about her and even if that was her real name? Real or not it was a cracking name to have as a model and one you don’t easily forget! Saying that she also has a great body in the shots above, but in the film doesn’t get undressed at all, but plays quite a frumpy Matron. I think I prefer her as above 🙂

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  1. Interesting one this as she used several names, but all around one name ie Vana Dotson, Wanda Dotson, Vana Vane Dotson. She has appeared definitely in Spick 246, back cover, but I have seen at least two other sets from Toco but not sure which magazines.

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