R is for Rhodes (Xmas Calendar)

I’ve posted several individual shots of the three models Marianne Morris, Venetia Day and Dinah Challen by Terry Sparks on Rhodes, but very few of them all together, other than in a few magazine articles. But this shot sent by Terry changes that, not only does it feature all three models, but it’s a colour shot of them as well. A fab shot of all three as they lay out in the sun, drying off from obviously being in the sea and giving us a flash of their tits! I’m not sure if this was an intentionally posed shot by Terry or a quick snap shot of them as they relaxed, maybe Terry can enlighten us?


Note: This is an original image and subject to this copyright notice

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  1. My memory of this shot is somewhat vague ( it was 44 years ago) but I think it was a carefully posed off the cuff quick snap!

  2. Nice to “meet” you Terry : ) I guess a fair bit of your work would have ended up in the larger very popular mag of the day > Girl Illustrated and the others like Mayfair etc.


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