Maria Clarence – A Tasty Dressing Table View!

A shot of the beautiful Maria Clarence posing nude sat atop a dressing table from a huge set of 42 images of her posing in different rooms around a house. This shot is one of 10 of her posing in what seems to be a dressing room area. A stunning shot of her, but I’ve said it before, didn’t she have hairy arms!

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  1. Was she a one time fashion model ?? I know Christine Carter was for a time even back then they liked the fashion models thin >shudder<

    • She may well have been Kev, as I know a few that went on or were fashion models at the same time like Christine, Wendy Luton was one. Can’t find anything under Maria Clarence, so assume she went by a different name with her clothes on 🙂

  2. A good place to look would be Kays and Grattan catalogues circa 1960’s as a lot of models went on to do the so called fashion work. Even some of the Sun page three girls ended up in them ( Gillian Duxbury was one I think ). A lot also got married, or went into other careers and never took their clothes off again, well not for the masses to see anyway.


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