Jean Rogers & Judy Geeson – Contrasting Curves!

One tall and slender with long legs and small perky tits (Judy Geeson), the other smaller, but with a rounder, fuller figure and bigger tits (Jean Rogers). What a great contrast of figures in this shot and I love both for different reasons. Judy looks very elegant with her long legs in stockings with her dark exotic looks, whereas Jean in her frilly black panties looks built for fun, although I’m not sure about the knee length socks or whatever they are called. This is the first of 10 restored prints of the two girls posing as the strip out of what clothing they actually have on!

My preference seems to lean towards the built for fun figure, but I have exceptions to that rule, such as Judy and of course Dawn Grayson.

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  1. It’s a very interesting picture – difficult to know what they’re up to – agree about Jean

    • Roop one can imagine what they are about to get up to, but the set itself is just the two of them stripping and posing naked. One does wonder what went on after the camera stopped shooting, or if it was all above board and very professional? And yes Jean does like the one that would carry things on 😉

  2. Two nice-looking girls; I especially like the tall brunette. The other girl’s knickers are amazing: the only word for them is otiose.

    By way, being a pedant I noted that your headline referred to “Judy Geeson”, not “Judy Gesson”. I got excited for a moment as the former was a rather tasty blonde actress from the 60s who, too, had a penchant for taking off her clothes.

  3. Oh boy: I can now have double the fantasy with just the one name

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