New Catalogue Collection!

I’ve been after a few of these Harrison Marks catalogues for a while, but finally managed to get my hands on copies, plus a few others this week. The main ones I’ve been after are the top two, the glamour guide and the original cine film guide. The glamour guide has a selection of over 252 sets of photo’s, each set consisting of 5 glossy 5.5 by 3.5 prints and looking through the sets it’s amazing how many individual photo’s I have from some of these sets! I can now go back and tag my photo’s with the set number when I get the time!

The second set of catalogues include Pamar slide sets and some of the later Harrison Marks colour slide sets, plus a bonus catalogue of 8mm glamour films, that feature well known models and locations, but doesn’t seem to be by Harrison Marks?

I’ll scan them all properly shortly, but a great set of catalogues to add to the collection 🙂


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