Kamera Cine Films Present Dawn Grayson (Original)

I always like it when something slightly different comes my way, especially if it includes one of my favourite models such as Dawn Grayson. This is an original copy of a 10 x 8 promo sheet from Kamera Cine Films advertising the first Harrison Marks glamour film featuring Dawn Grayson in ‘Key Strip’. Thanks to Paul from Firebird Records who sent this and another promo sheet over and obviously sent to past customers as this was folded over and in it’s original envelope.

A great bit of vintage memorabilia from Harrison Marks, just a shame I don’t have the film to accompany it as it’s missing from my list of Dawn films 🙁


New Catalogue Collection!

I’ve been after a few of these Harrison Marks catalogues for a while, but finally managed to get my hands on copies, plus a few others this week. The main ones I’ve been after are the top two, the glamour guide and the original cine film guide. The glamour guide has a selection of over 252 sets of photo’s, each set consisting of 5 glossy 5.5 by 3.5 prints and looking through the sets it’s amazing how many individual photo’s I have from some of these sets! I can now go back and tag my photo’s with the set number when I get the time!

The second set of catalogues include Pamar slide sets and some of the later Harrison Marks colour slide sets, plus a bonus catalogue of 8mm glamour films, that feature well known models and locations, but doesn’t seem to be by Harrison Marks?

I’ll scan them all properly shortly, but a great set of catalogues to add to the collection 🙂