Dily Rubens – How to Wear Pyjama’s! (Original)

Thanks to Kevin I have this wonderful shot of a familiar model with an unfamiliar name showing us how good she looks in PJ’s! It is of course Angela Duncan, but these 10 x 8 prints were advertised under the name Dily Rubens, which is a new name to me. I have a few other shots of Angela posing in the short blonde wig, but always thought she went under the name Trudi (Trudy) Pink for those shots? They do all seem to be from the same location, so possibly the same shoot, but not 100% sure?

A great shot of Angela and striped Pyjama’s never looked so good on someone and what a fantastic pair to wake up to! I do wonder if maybe these were taken by Terry Sparks, as I know he had the pleasure of shooting Angela on occasions?


Note: This is an original imageย and subject to this copyright notice.

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  1. nice shot but not one of mine, Terry

  2. On the reverse are two stamps > Viking Picture Features.. 202 High Street Feltham Middlesex and Globe Photos NY – one repro right only

  3. she gets better with every picture! If this is part of a set I bet the pyjamas come off by the end of the shoot!

  4. I was interested to read that the original print is stamped Viking Picture Features. Viking was owned by Horace Ward, a practising Glamour photographer who was active in the late 60’s and early 70’s. He later set up the picture agency handling other photographers work, including some of mine. This picture may be one of his own shots or possibly someone whose work he was marketing.


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