Geraldine ‘Sequin’ Garner – Double Delight! (Original)

I love a good reflection shot especially if it involves boobs and nakedness and this is a good one of a young Geraldine ‘Sequin’ Garner (Geri Tamburello). She doesn’t really fit on this blog, other than a model from the 1950’s and 60’s, but I have several original prints of her, along with several like this one sent over from Kevin. Anyway, she had fabulous curves and tits and in some of the more riskier shots I have a gloriously lush pussy, so why not share some shots of her here 🙂


Note: This image is from an original print and subject to this copyright notice.

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  1. She was one of those models who just got better as she got older by constantly redesigning herself. Have seen a few recently of her in her later years, so am assuming she is still around, but maybe someone else may elaborate on that one. Definitely on of my all time favourites

  2. Correction: The last sentence should read Definitely one of my all time favourites.

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